HONDA CB125 S/J/N 1976-1981 NE BRAND Complete Engine Gasket Kit


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Motorcycle Complete Engine Gasket Kit
Suitable for HONDA CB125 S/J/N 1976-1981

Your kit’s not complete without the Honda CB125 complete engine gasket kit

Finding the right gasket kit is essential for the smooth operation and running of your Honda motorcycle. Ill-fitting engine gaskets can cause the loss of or entry of your engine’s oil, coolants, fuel, water or other fluid into other parts of the engine.

Motorebor’s complete engine gasket kit is the must-have accessory for bike-enthusiasts, whether you’re just starting on your own two-wheeler or whether you’ve been round the block more than just a few times.

We don’t expect you to put petal to the metal when it comes to paying either. Our affordable and outstanding prices will get you back to tearing up the road without breaking the bank.

The perfect kit for the Honda CB125

The CB125 is a strong, dependable and highly efficient machine. Designed for comfort in riding and efficiency in fuel consumption, this motorcycle is easy to handle but falling in love with it is even easier.

Motorebor is committed to ensuring that nothing gets in the way of getting you back on the road and doing what we all love most: riding!

As a group of motor-enthusiasts ourselves, we understand what you’ve come to expect from a comprehensive engine gasket kit. Our comprehensive Honda product range includes NE Brand Complete Engine Gasket Kit and Top End Engine Gasket Kit for the following models of Honda: 

  • HONDA CB125 J/N 1976-1981 
  • HONDA CB250 T/N 1978-1982 
  • HONDA CB250 T/N 1978-1982 
  • HONDA CB400 T/N 1978-1982 
  • HONDA CB400 T/N 1978-1982 

Motorebor makes the heart grow Honda

Honda is a reputable maker of motorcycles and synonymous with both entry level vehicles and high end machines to satisfy riders of all persuasions and preferences.

Motorebor is a trusted brand nationwide when it comes to sourcing reliable, quality motorcycle parts. We service customers across Australia and overseas, and have built a reputation for providing reliable service built on trust. We don’t see our customers as numbers, we view them as relationships. Meeting expectations is never enough – we aim to exceed them!

Unlike many of our competitors, we subject all of our products including engine gasket kits to rigorous in-house tests. This ensures that we only ever sell the very best quality products to our clients. If we wouldn’t use the part in our own bikes, we’d never let you use it in yours.

We’re so confident in your satisfaction, that all of our products come with a satisfaction guarantee. And what happens if you’re not 100% happy with your Motorebor purchase? We’ll offer you a hassle-free refund or exchange policy.

Our sole priority is your top priority: The best ride possible.

Motorebor – it’s where competition starts. 

Kit Suitability

Our engine gasket kit is suitable for:

HONDA CB125 S/J/N 1976-1981


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HONDA CB125 J/N 1976 - 1981

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